Rendered routable maps for Garmin GPS Devices

You can find on this server pre-rendered routable maps for Garmin GPS Devices based on Openstreetmap data. I've decided to do this, since Cloudmade has discontinued to provide this service for free since December 2011.

Update: Due to increased processing requirements I am currently not able to provide the data any more.

Maps are rendered on a weekly basis. (Or at least should be, however if some resources are unavailable (e.g. servers where the OSM Planet file lives) the publication of new maps can be deferred)). You can find the maps for download following the link below (and skip reading the rest if you know what you are looking for). For others let me just give you a brief overview of what you can download here.

The directory strucure is geograpically divided. You can find following files in each directory:

That said, lets get started: Take me to the maps!


All of this would not have been possible without the work of many many others. Thanks to to:

License et al.


The maps are provided as is. Usage is at users own risk.


If you have any questions regarding the pre-rendered maps, please feel free to contact: golf alfa romeo mike india november mike alfa papa sierra @ kilo yankee uniforn bravo uniform . delta echo. Or you can use the disqus commenting below.

Please understand that I cannot answer questions regarding data, map accuracy or technical details of the used tools.

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